There are many excellent resources out there that can help you out with everything from programming to managing your time and much more. We at Artificial Intelligence Mania have compiled our favorite resources and tools to help you out in your various endeavors.


A nonprofit researching company dedicated to the advancement of AI tech OpenAI is filled with information contained within an informative blog and much more.


For all of you out there who may have blogs of your own ConvertKit is our recommendation for all your email marketing needs.

This site is loaded with information regarding full stack web development and the use of databases. It is an excellent resource for future web developers.

inmotion hosting

For all your web hosting needs we recommend inmotion hosting. They have been the number one recommended hosting service for quite some time now. Everything is easy to set up and the support is very helpful.


We came across a good resource for generating passive income not too long ago. Check out Jan Zac’s site.