We have discussed before the AI arms race, the key players, and what that means for the world going forward. We all know what China has been doing and the US released a long term plan for AI implementation not too long ago. Now Russia has decided to formulate a national artificial intelligence strategy by June 25th of this year. That is 3 days from the time of this writing. Given the fact that Russia has a reputation for rapidly developing advanced technologies at the same pace as superpowers like the US and China, the world is waiting to see what Russia is planning.

Vladimir Putin had first talked about the potential of AI back in 2017 stating that the nation who leads in AI will “become the ruler of the world.” His recent speech on May 30th this year reiterated that AI technology offers unbelievable power to any governing body allowing them to create a monopoly in the field. He said “Mechanisms of artificial intelligence provide real-time fast decision-making based on the analysis of huge amounts of information, which gives tremendous advantage in quality and effectiveness.” “If someone can create a monopoly in the field of artificial intelligence, then the consequences are clear to all of us: he will rule the world.”


As seen in the graphic, Russia has a decent number of AI related startups but still linger behind other world superpowers. 


Putin has hinted at multiple key areas of development that this plan will be focused around. These include things like AI for legislative support and efforts to advance Russia’s standing in the STEM field. He didn’t mention military goals that much but it is obvious that he also intends to inject AI into the military. Every major country is attempting to do this to stay ahead of everyone else.

Putin also talked about the need for increased education and training programs to prepare citizens for a technological shift that will increase the complexity of our everyday lives. This is something everyone can agree on.

When talking about using AI to help legislate here’s what he had to say in his recent speech: “It is fundamentally important to tune out legislation to a new technological reality, quickly and efficiently form a flexible, adequate legal basis for the development and use of artificial intelligence based application solutions, as well as special regimes for private investment in creating breakthrough solutions.”

A complete overview of Vladimir Putin’s May 30th speech can be found here.


As of right now Russia will have some catching up to do as superpowers such as China have been investing billions upon billions of dollars into AI research and development for decades now. If Putin wants more power for Russia and a higher GDP (which he absolutely does) he will have to instruct his government to begin rapidly developing AI to stay in the global AI arms race. Russia has been able to do things like this in the past. The cold war and the space race come to mind.

However AI is an entirely different animal. It not only requires heavy investments, serious research, and engineering talent at your disposal, it also requires an attention to safety and the ethical development of AI. There are a million problems with AI that need to be solved alongside development. Let’s hope that Putin’s intentions are pure. This article will be updated when more information about Russia’s plans are released.

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