Expanding upon the topic of the last post, we will go more in depth here as to why python is the best language for machine learning and why it is the best for beginner programmers. Python has very efficient and easy to read syntax and many libraries available that make it one of the most powerful programming languages in 2018.

Top computer science departments are also favoring the most popular language of 2018.



    Python has become a quite popular language in 2018. Many recent surveys rate python as a favorite among beginner and intermediate practitioners. Beginner books on learning python are selling very well on Amazon and other online stores. More and more starting programmers are choosing it as their first language to dive into the world of programming. Its popularity has also been boosted by tech giants like Google who seem to favor python and use it in a lot of their projects. There’s a huge abundance of resources to help you get started (such as some tutorials on this site that will be coming soon) and many courses on sites like Code Academy and Team Tree House. Given that, it’s safe to say that python is hands down one of the top  languages in 2018.


    One of the main fundamental ideas behind python is the fact that it is not difficult to read. This in addition makes it much easier to type which is a bonus for beginners, advanced, and lazy programmers alike. The code uses proper indentation that speeds up the process of spotting bugs and errors when scanning lines of code and adds a nice aesthetic element to the program. The beauty and simplicity cannot be overstated when talking about this language.


    The mountain of python mastery is easily ascended because once you get the basic syntax down (which in this case is extremely easy) you’ll be able to jump into creating basic programs of your own in a relatively short period of time. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to study. You’ll be able to start thinking and solving problems like a professional sooner which will lead to serious gains in competency. It is also good for a morale boost since in some languages it can really bog down beginners with too many details and hard to memorize syntax. The bottom line is python reads so much like plain English that a beginner programmer will achieve more within a shorter time frame opening up larger possibilities.


    There are so many opportunities when it comes to what you can make or build with python. We’ve already mentioned its potential in regards to machine learning due to the many efficient
libraries available for it like sckit-learn and pandas. But there is much more. Python is also quite good for web development. Django is the most popular python framework for web
applications, because it comes with a single package that contains everything you need to build them. It’s very efficient and effortless to get started.

    Python has already proven to be very useful in practical applications. Not long ago, a program called Monovar was written in python. Monovar is a sophisticated algorithm to  detect single nucleotide variants (SVNs) in cancer cells. This program can help in providing a more personalized treatment to cancer patients by pinpointing important variations in a single cancer cell. The potential for such an algorithm is enormous.

    We mentioned in a previous post that with machine learning there was the possibility of creating a piece of software that was able to scan databases of different forms of cancer at the genetic level and figure out novel ways to treat this disease when it presents itself in humans. There are already intelligent applications being used this way, however, Monovar is by far the best. This is a very large first step into a new world where cancer and other crippling diseases become a thing of the past.


    Python is a language with very few limitations. However, python requires an operating system. Therefore, you couldn’t write a new operating system with this language. There is also a practical minimum amount of hardware required to run python that is measured in RAM and storage space. Even though this won’t be a problem for most people, it still qualifies as  a mild limitation.

    Generally python is too big for smaller systems on 8 bit and 16 bit CPU’s but at this point in time most people have at least a 32 bit CPU so this in most cases isn’t much of an issue either. At the same time, because python is an interpreted language (the program has to interpret it line by line) it can demonstrate issues with speed relative a more compiled language like C++ but this is another tiny limitation that normally doesn’t cause many problems unless the project you’re trying to build is huge.


    Given all the facts outlined in this post it’s not hard to see why python is not only the best choice for beginners but the reason why it is very popular among professional and amateur developers. It is one of those all-purpose languages that you can do anything with. The possibilities are endless and the limitations are few and far between making python a near perfect choice for anyone who is just starting out or trying to expand his or her vast knowledge of the world of programing.

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