Ever since the dot-com boom of the late 90’s our world has been rapidly changing as technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate. We are already witnessing another technological breakthrough which is the invention and implementation of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence will dramatically modify and shape our new world in a way that has not been seen before in the history of mankind.

With the use of intelligent algorithms we have already noticed a dramatic shift in the methods by which search engines filter search results, AI programs that use machine learning to teach themselves complicated games like chess and manage to defeat the world’s best humans, the same technology that has given rise to the first robot citizen of the world who uses machine learning to mimic facial expressions, self driving cars that are showing a lot of promise, and much more. The artificial intelligence revolution is upon us and the mania is real.


I am creating this community for a few specific purposes.  The first main reason is to discuss and learn about the future of AI and the impact it will have not just on our world but on the lives of everyone in it.

Also, I would like to introduce you to the more practical purposes of basic AI programs and show you how to build your own chat bots, automate basic tasks on your computer to make your busy lives more efficient, utilize basic machine learning concepts to create bots that can learn to play your favorite games, and much more as the possibilities with this technology are virtually endless.

Another reason is to track the latest news in the AI community, keep everyone up to date with the latest changes to our world, and how fast the world is evolving along with any future trends regarding new AI technology.

And finally I’m creating this community because I find artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the possible future of our world fascinating, and I know there are many people out there who do as well. I believe that in order to overcome the challenges mankind faces in the future we have to embrace this technology and learn everything we can. It is my understanding that everyone can and will benefit from the implementation of this technology. While there will be some risks involved with the implementation of super intelligent machines that surpass human level intellect we don’t need to fear the point of singularity for it is far in the future that by the time that point is reached we will have figured out ways to neutralize most if not all serious risks involved.


A future with intelligent AI powered robots and technology may seem daunting at first but I believe our future is bright and the possibilities stretch far beyond what we are capable of comprehending right now. Mostly what I have been seeing lately is experts describing the risks of AI and painting a picture in which a terminator like doomsday scenario takes place instead of talking about the possible benefits and how we can use this technology to better ourselves, create a more ideal world, and even to explore other worlds. This pessimistic mindset is not helpful and I believe we shouldn’t allow this to discourage progress in the field of AI. In the next post I will be discussing the master algorithm that has yet  to be discovered, how close we are to that singularity point all the experts talk about, and what this means for future generations.

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